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Coquitlam wins 2018 Pollinator-Friendly Community Award

National Planting Week 2018: Image Gallery

National Planting Week 2018: Image Gallery

Stratford, Ontario: a hive of activity during National Planting Week

An integrated relationship

Two bees for the best of both worlds

Pollinator gardens across Canada

Preventing and reducing varroa mite infestations

A (more recent) history of the honey bee in Canada

Chatham-Kent wins 2015 Pollinator-Friendly Community

Making the most of your buzzing garden

Growing and maintaining a honey bee garden

The history of the honey bee in Canada

Why are honey bees important to crops and farmers?

The varroa mite in detail

Honey bee population patterns

What affects pollinator health?

The life of the honey bee

Plant reproduction and the role of honey bees

Bees Matter is a partnership of agricultural organizations with a vested interest in pollinator health. The mission of the group is to provide a platform for conversation, dialogue and information sharing regarding modern agriculture and the importance of ensuring a healthy environment for honey bees, which play an important role in Canadian food production and agriculture.