Coquitlam wins 2018 Pollinator-Friendly Community Award

Bees Matter would like to congratulate the community of Coquitlam B.C. on being named this year’s Communities in Bloom Pollinator-Friendly community!

Coquitlam created buzz this year with their Protect our Pollinators project aimed at getting the community involved in learning how to grow pollinator-friendly gardens. Through workshops, online resources, information booths and a local initiative to educate business owners on the topic of beekeeping – they have done an amazing job raising awareness about the importance of pollinators.

Since 2008, Coquitlam’s Inspiration Garden has hosted over 900 school children during their spring garden workshops. During their spring garden workshops, students learned firsthand about local pollinators and pollinator-friendly gardens. New this year, they have launched ‘pollinator hotels’ in local parks, where honey bees and other pollinators are welcome.





















Since 2015, the Buzzing Gardens initiative has helped encourage Canadians to plant pollinator-friendly gardens by providing free seed kits that contain an assortment of seeds that are healthy food sources for honey bees. Since its start, the program has given away more than 250,000 seed kits - enough seeds to grow a pollinator-friendly garden the size of 74 hockey rinks!

To recognize communities that are supporting honey bees in Canada, every year Buzzing Gardens and Communities in Bloom come together to present the Pollinator-Friendly Community of the Year award. The award recipient is selected not only because of their work in planting nutritious gardens for pollinators like honey bees, but for demonstrating a commitment to inform and engage their residents on the importance of pollinator health.

“Communities in Bloom is always excited to be involved in the Buzzing Gardens program”, said Raymond Carrière, president of Communities in Bloom.  “This year’s entries were amazing, but Coquitlam stood out. From pollinator-friendly gardens to workshops and educational sessions for their communities, they truly show what it means to be pollinator-friendly!”

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