Bee thankful for honey bees

This Thanksgiving, we celebrated honey bees and farmers to highlight the important role they play in Canadian food production. To do this, we opened Honey Bees Pie Shops in Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto, for one day only.

In each city, we partnered with a local bakery and gave away pies made with pumpkins, blueberries and apples – all grown by Canadian farmers and requiring pollination.

Our goal was to show Canadians how important honey bees (and other pollinators) are to Canadian food production, and demonstrate the agricultural community’s commitment to supporting honey bee health. After all, one in every three bites of food we eat is made possible by pollinators like honey bees.

Check out a gallery of buzz-worthy photos from Honey Bees Pie Shop.

Canadian farmers and beekeepers work together to help ensure the strength and health of honey bees.  This is important for the production of many foods Canadians love to eat.

We are committed to educating Canadians on how we can all  play a role in helping honey bees thrive – because bees matter to everyone.

For those pie lovers who were not able to stop by, see below for a special pollinator pie recipe to help you celebrate honey bees at your table.